About The New Cambridge High School

Salutation to the resourceful ,reflective and reliable mentor,Smt.G.Louisa Manohari who commits herself to the relentless pursuit of providing quality education;to create and nature a unique vision in the ICSE wing of the New Cambridge Educational Trust and plant its feet firmly on the path of success.she monitors the progress of the institution to celebrate the success along the way since the year 2002 .

By astute virtue of her knowledge,profound acumen ,conceivably a leading light and well regulated intellectual system,the paraphernalia needed to build the New Cambridge Educational Society(TNCES)crystallized. As a statuesque veteran in the field of education ,she beholds the eminence in influencing lives through the triumphant administering of the institution with the quality cooperation of the students ,teachers,parents ,guardians and leaders of the community.

The fragrance of her priceless and treasured service in fulfilling the hallowed mission of moulding young men and women with character and academic excellence by providing perfect environment for unique and compatible learning process facilitated by a cohesive and “Hall of fame “teaching faculty has resulted in the up gradation of the paradigm of education for which the New Cambridge Educational Society’s Issuing has been established, particularly keeping up to the tone and general character of the school by contributing towards the totality of development of the child’s personality.

Byword of our Mission:

Demands a revolution in lifetime learning:

Conceptualization of mission is rooted in the totality of supreme knowledge and Educational professionalism of our Founder Smt. G. Louisa Manohari, who models a valid system that had caused many to remember her for what she stands for as well as what she inculcates in every student.

As per the maxim, knowledge has a potential power only when it is acted upon. The school believes and assures prominence to the tasks of building the fundamental traits, particularly positive self esteem, humility and willingness to accept responsibilities along with faith in God instilling in every student deep human values.

The school places immense value on the reality that true education is training of both the head and the heart, effecting the minds and the lives of the students. The school envisages to inculcate the affinity towards a disciplined and successful life of the students with an emphasis on securing parental co – operation.