from the Managing Trustee

My unassuming commitment with education by setting up of well integrated institutions Under the registered trust is in terms of the metamorphical potential of education. I Regard learning as a sacred Endeavour and believe in moulding multifaceted leaders with Deep and abiding values who will make a difference to society . The institution is oriented Towards distinctive developmental needs of every child , by aligning a right approach Towards curriculum instruction and assessment with the maintenance of commendable Climate of trust and laudable collaboration amongst the staff members bearing an impact on students behavior and achievement surpassing erstwhile records in the years to Come. Besides, the extracurricular activities which will transport the students to the wonders and glories of cultural feats..

Over and above the creation of physical landmark, I lay emphasis on the student’s individual identity and perpetuate to care about their character, scholarship and humanness. I wish to enlist myself in extending due recognition in congratulating each other on the tremendous success in their consistent hard efforts that holds the dignity and the splendid tradition of the institution high and historic in grooming the students to be a competent and reputable member of the society at large, maintaining , cordial community relation and maximizing parental involvement for attaining the objectives envisaged by the institution.

We the Cambridge fraternity persevere in the hope that the beatific grace capacitate us to meet the challenges effectively and efficiently in the task of offering right education for posterity.

  • With regards
  • Dr.G.Louisa Manohari
  • Managing Trustee