Campus Life

School Infrastructure! - An attribute of well being of our students.

Infrastructure facilities in the school is based upon the substantial thoughts in every respect of latest structural concepts with multipurpose facility school has congruous, sufficient and secure construction with a healthy, clean and learner protective environment and requisite equipments that bolsters up the level of education and cater to the needs of the school curricular and other activities. Adequate provision of school’s system of structure is very much according to specification including an ideal play field and links with the arena in the school neighbourhood. The school building has its own library, computer centre with internet facility, spacious laboratories, creative activity rooms, sports and games room, opulent audio-visual resource centre, music room; all equipped with latest educational technology. The school insists on ensuring a barrier free environment which promotes inclusive access and equal rights of every child.

Classroom:Heart of the educational activities
Creative Activity Room

A special room equipped to provide cheerful and pleasing learning environment to children to stimulate the learning to stimulate the learning abilities of the budding cantabrigians through playway techniques and funfilled pursuits that would make tiny tots bloom into confident individuals. Our school believes that children’s spirits are more significant than the material things to experience. we train children to be deftfu l in their accomplishments.

In order to provide joyful, sensorial and meaningful experience, fun and joy activity with skills for children to reach optimum level of growth, a whole lot of materials like outdoor play equipments ,flash cards, musical toys, books, materials for authentic and language skills, wooden jigsaw puzzles, maze, chess, materials for dramatics and so on & to enhance and reinforce harmonious growth of the children in areas such as physical, intellectual, interactive, emotional, language and social skills is given due concern.

Regular Classroom

Classrooms designed adequately spacious and functionally useful are equipped with comfortable furniture, seating arrangements with ideal ventilation , lighting and cleanliness. Emphasis is laid on streaming with the provision of supplier and materials, aesthic art and crafts. Creating a congenial classroom environment to produce wholesome and attractive charisma than routine class work.

Special Rooms For Unique Activities In The Pursuit Of Excellence
A . V. Room – Interactive Board

School facilities learning intent of capitalizing whole knowledge of programs and application of what is learned by the provision of computer programme based audio visual equipments. A large spacious room with required equipment, furniture and atmosphere for presenting organized instructional material on major subjects in the syllabi and corrective feedback using innovative softwares, fostering greater interdisciplinary activity, to increase the effectiveness of the teaching and consolidation of learning is noteworthy.

Rooms For Art, Craft, And Music

prominence is added to the use of expertise in the significant areas of school curriculum of special activities with space and equipment. Art work is carried on regularly in the art room equipped with essential materials for art work under the expert guidance of qualified teachers. Beside , materials and facilities ,proficient guidance for unraveling music are provided along with well designed acoustic requirements by using space separately.

Physical development and Mental Alertness
Organization of Games and Sports

With the aspiration of developing high ideals and standards of sportsmanship, a sound and resourceful programme of physical education becomes an integral part of the school organization. The innate tendencies of the students are channelized in to constructive, creative and participative in games, sports, athletics and gymnastics. While taking care of academics the school is bound to see that all the students take active interest in sports and indoor games as well.

All facilities for indoor and outdoor games are offered and properly guided by well trained physical educators. From time to time, students are encouraged to participate in intra-school, inter-school and zonal competitions and the testimony is the scores of awards and prizes won by them in games and sports. Regular training by physical exercise, drill and physical education play key roles in the vital curricular activities contributing to the dynamic part of school life.

Cultural Activities
Valuing the personal Potential of the students

All those activities which bridge the gulf between the school subjects and the varied interests, make up the wrap and whoop of students life, In addition to enabling the students to understand the value of cultural tradition, opportunities are provided for self expression and development of aesthetic sense such as intra-school programme of extravaganza entitled “Cambridge’s got Talent show”.Activities such as dramatics, music, dance, signing etc. which provide recreation and also unfolding of the social aspects are Emphasized.

Cultural group led by the teachers personally interested in the work of arts will guide the students. The school has been constituents in adding feathers to her cap by many feats in cultural activities and competitions. Much prominence is backed to cultural programmes as to those pertaining to academics and examinations.

Literacy Activities

Avid attention is set-forth to spark off interest and appreciation for literature and public speaking. Under the skilful guidance of expert teachers, activities [via] debate,declamation,elocution,essy,story writing,symposium,seminars and many more competitions and events are orgnised according to the level of the students. These activities turn out to be very helpful in enhancing dispositions of self expression ,clear reasoning and interpretation by the students.They are also encouraged to take part in the intra-school,inter-school and zonal competitions blessesd with the gift of gab,making the school proud with their distinguished achievements.

Other activities

Under the guidance of the accomplished faculty,students council and literary associations,social service clubs,scouting and girls guiding,National cadet corps etc.are given a prominent place in the school.Educational tourse are arrenged with a purpose to broaden the outlook by observing natural and cultural features related to the subjects.many a activies of gusts and verve viz field trips,visit to public places,planetarium,musem,teade establishment within the district,are well coordinated with curriculum and regular function of the school.Celebrations of special days including Annual Day,Graduation Day,Alumni Day,having educational values as much to encourange are celebrated on a large scale.